A fast yet gentle way to straighten your teeth

Cfast 300x120Many adults now seek orthodontic treatment to correct minor issues in their front teeth- such as overcrowding, gaps and visible gums.

C-Fast is a simple, gentle and minimally invasive treatment which can be effectively used to correct such issues. It can also be used to help level and round out the dental arches. C-Fast is suitable for use on the top and bottom teeth.

The system works by focusing only on your visible front six teeth. Because of this it is fast working- giving results in as little as six months. Despite its effectiveness it uses minimal pressure so is highly safe.

Another great thing about C-fast is their discreet look. Unlike standard train track braces which are silver coloured, C-fast brackets are clear and the wires are made from tooth coloured nickel titanium. They blend in beautifully with your natural tooth colour making them much less noticeable.

The treatment works in a similar way to clear aligners, but tooth movement is much more predictable and usually more than twice as quick. The special nickel-titanium wires exert gentle pressure on the brackets to level and align the teeth with minimal discomfort.

The reason CFast work more quickly than other systems is because they are used only to deal with less complex issues. Front teeth require minimal force for movement- meaning that mild pressure and less frequent and severe tightening is required.

What are the benefits of C Fast?

Fast working: on average treatment takes around six months which is much shorter than with many other orthodontic treatments. This can make it an attractive option for many people.

Affordable: The shorter treatment times offered by C-Fast can dramatically help to cut the cost of treatment. The cost of braces may have put you off in the past. However, a beautiful smile really is achievable and affordable for anyone. Compared to other orthodontic treatments C Fast is one of the most cost effective treatments. Your case will be fully discussed with you prior to commencement.

Discreet: C-Fast are discreet and attractive- made from clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. They are less visible so you can smile confidently during treatment- and afterwards!

Will CFast hurt?

All tooth straightening treatments can cause a little discomfort at times. Usually when the brace has just been fitted or tightened. Any pain should be eased with over the counter painkillers.  If you find that the brackets or wires rub please speak to us and we can supply dental wax to help.

Overall, C-Fast are very comfortable. Minimal force is required to move teeth and the nickel-titanium wires require less severe tightening which helps to lessen any discomfort.

Do I need to wear a retainer after treatment?

As with any orthodontic treatment it is recommended that you wear a retainer following treatment to stop your teeth from relapsing.

We can supply you with a removable or fixed (lingual) retainer depending on your personal needs and lifestyle. This will be discussed with you during treatment.