For a radiant, beautiful smile that gets healthier with treatment.

Zoom Logo 300x64There are a number of products available in the Philips Zoom range depending on the level of staining in your teeth and the final shade you are hoping to achieve. Results can be seen in as little as 60 minutes- although more severe staining may require a few weeks.

We can provide you with in-surgery whitening or supply a home whitening kit if you would prefer a more convenient option.

Zoom WhiteningThe Phillips Zoom Daywhite/ Nitewhite  home treatment will help to create a shiny, lustrous smile whilst also helping to improve the look and feel of your tooth enamel- helping to improve sensitivity. Following treatment your teeth won’t just look whiter but will feel healthier and stronger too.

We will supply you with a customised tray and a set of syringes and bleach. As the tray is specially made to fit your teeth you will find results are consistent- with the same colour change on all teeth.

Use your treatment when and where it suits you. You only need to wear the trays for around 30-60 minutes each day( Daywhite) or overnight(Nitewhite). Don’t worry if you miss a day- this system is great for those who need flexibility due to a busy schedule.

Phillips Power Whitening can be undertaken in surgery. This simple procedure provides significant results in around an hour. It’s ideal for those who are limited on time and would prefer an instant result without the need to take everything home with them!

With a protective coating placed over the teeth and gums, the whitening gel will be applied and activated with a blue light. The process may be repeated several times during your appointment.

Phillips Zoom products have been used worldwide by over 14 million people. This recognised and trusted brand comes highly recommended by Dentists as the most effective way of whitening your teeth in the healthiest way.

Looking after your teeth following your Phillips Zoom treatment

Following your Zoom whitening treatment we will give you professional instruction and tips in order to help you best maintain your new look. There are a number of products available (including touch up kits, whitening pens, and electric toothbrushes) to help you look after your new look teeth.

Remember to pay close attention to your diet in order to help keep your teeth as white as possible. Red wine, berries, coffee, coca cola, rum and other dark food and drink items can cause staining. Giving up smoking can also significantly help to slow down the discolouration process.

Keep up a good oral health routine- brushing your teeth twice a day.