An early education with regard to oral healthcare is imperative in helping our children to maintain healthy teeth and gums into adulthood.

By equipping them with the knowledge about a healthy diet and a good understanding of the responsibility for their own oral care we really can help to prevent future problems- ensuring that they maintain a natural and healthy smile today and in the future.

We can provide the following services for the younger members of your family:


How you can help to protect your child’s teeth:

At Dentist@6 we would be very pleased to help you teach the younger members of your family about the importance of their oral health. We aim to make visits fun yet informative so that they can build a positive perception about the Dentist. We strive to educate and inform children on the best ways in which they can keep a healthy mouth- helping them to smile confidently today and in the future.

And to make it more memorable a  fun treat bag for our tiny tots if they have kept on top of their oral health.