Improve your smile and the health of your mouth.

OrthodonticsMillions of people receive orthodontic treatment each year in the UK. In fact, it is widely agreed by Orthodontists that braces are the best way to straighten teeth in a safe and effective way.  Fixed braces are most commonly used as they are best suited to moving a large number of teeth very precisely.

Tooth straightening is normally performed in children and teenagers as this is usually when issues with bite and alignment are detected. Often, treatment is most effective when performed in childhood and, where there is a proven medical requirement for treatment, the cost for under 18’s is covered by the NHS.

Today however, an increasing number of adults also undergo private orthodontic work – choosing to pay privately for treatment to help significantly improve their smile.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to undergo orthodontic treatment. Often these will include low self-esteem or relapsed orthodontic work in childhood. Many adults have been put off by the thought of braces in the past, but find the highly modern and attractive systems now available are a vast improvement on more traditional methods.

Today, there are many styles of brace available. Fixed braces make use of smaller brackets and wires and fit more comfortably than ever before. Many are now made from aesthetically pleasing materials which subtly blend to your teeth.

Some like Invisalign aligners are removable and virtually invisible due to their manufacture from completely clear plastic. This makes them an ideal choice for teenagers and adults looking for a discreet option that won’t impact on school, work or personal life. See our Invisalign page for more information.

For those short on time, other fixed brace systems offer much quicker results- by focusing only on the front teeth. The C-Fast system available at Dentist@6 can align your teeth safely and comfortably in just 6 months.

At Dentist @6 we specialize in short term orthodontics and are happy to accept referrals from dental surgeries in the surrounding area. However you might like to improve the look of your teeth- and no matter if your issues are mild or severe- we are sure we will have a system to help you.

Our braces and aligners give highly predictable results, offer shorter treatment times are cost-effective, discreet and comfortable.

If you are interested in getting your teeth straightened but concerned about the cost of treatment, we can offer 0% finance allowing you to spread the total cost over a series of manageable monthly payments.

A beautiful straight smile really is achievable and affordable for everyone.

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Why straighten my teeth?

The benefits of tooth straightening are significant- not just in the way you will look and feel but also in the overall health of your mouth and teeth.

Feel confident and smile!

For many people, after treatment they find they can smile and talk confidently for the first time in years. This new-found confidence allows them to look to the future positively- overcoming issues which may have previously affected them in a personal or professional capacity.

Eat more easily.

When your crooked teeth, gaps or improper bite are corrected you will notice an improvement in your ability to eat- and may even find that you digest food more easily! Any pain or wear in particular teeth due to pressure spots can also be relieved.

Clean and healthy teeth

Beautifully straight teeth are much easier to clean.  Flossing becomes possible when perhaps it wasn’t before. Your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease are lessened as bacteria can’t get stuck in gaps. You are also likely to notice an improvement in bad breath.

Improved facial features

The overall look of your facial features can be greatly improved by straightening your teeth. Orthodontics in children will often help to ensure that the chin and jaw develop correctly- preventing future problems with joint pain and speech.

Adults can also notice a significant change in the look of their face- particularly in the lips, cheeks and chin. As your teeth move they will help support these facial features helping to create fullness and definition.